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Summary of Tuesday Sessions, part 1 [Dec. 14th, 2006|04:39 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD


Played by:
Wes (Kagemni the Malign)
Colby (Coireall Dragonsbane)
Tavia (Grainne)
Chad (Nak)

With guest appearances by:
Tim (Keeley the Castle)
Chris (Leandro)
Yohan (Captive/NPC/Future Cohort)
Caitrìona (Disciple Cleric of Sigyn NPC)

We last left off with the group having been beaten by a few tigers and finding refuge in some ruins in the jungle.

The party has come a long way since last time recorded. They ventured through a tomb on Nairn-on-Tay Island. The tomb, they later found, was that of a legendary warrior named Kinloch Straun. Here, they obtained a bag of holding with a secret compartment inside that had a salve of unknown liquid, a dagger of unknown ancient magic, an indecipherable map, an intelligent sword called the Graveblade, and several hundreds worth of gold coin. Leandro also departed from them here when he was not permitted to take as he pleased without sharing with the group as a whole. Kagemni now holds the bag of holding, the salve, and the map. Keeley holds the ancient magic dagger, and Coireall holds the Graveblade. The gold was split between them.
After the Tomb of Kinloch Straun, the party ventured to the lone castle on the island. There they found many people of many different races, including slaves, although the slaves were not treated as such. In the castle, the encountered a council of individuals, led by the Tsion of Nairn called Cathalan Durmot the Seer, a Centaur who did not bear the mark of a slave. Here, the party was given information about Tyvanos Donachie. 

Now, refer back to LJ entry
The Legend of Tyvanos Donachie

So, given the information of their charge, the group contemplated joining the Disciples. They were informed that, due to their late arrival (they were delayed by the Tomb exploration), there would not be an official coronation ceremony. They would just be accept in, should they accept the Disciple decree and swear to it. Each adventurer, for individual reasons, agreed to join. Once sworn in, each member noticed a symbol representing the Disciples, a mystical mark on the right palm that only other Disciples could see. Afterwards, they were given 2 days to familiarize themselves with the castle and the Disciples and then were sent on their first mission.
Their first mission consisted of Kagemni, Coireall, Grainne, Keeley, Caitrìona and Nak. They were sent to the arctic lands to the south to a city called King’s Reach. Scouts had determined that a group of men ordered by a man named Lord Sèitheach (pronounced Shay-uch) were scouting the Shahastan Mountains near there for an artifact. This artifact was believed to be one of the artifacts created by the gods, bound with the power of Tyvanos. So, the group set off to recover the artifact but not before stopping in Ayrshire where Nak convinced Grainne to assist him in paying a down payment on a Caravel Ship and, in exchange, she would become the first mate. She agreed and they ordered the ship along with a magical folding boat. Then they departed. While trekking up the mountain, they rescued a soldier of Lord Sèitheach but kept him bound. They all either stumbled or willingly found underground caverns that led to an abandoned reptilian temple, now inhabited by a spirit naga and a lot of lizard-like zombies. They defeated the enemies and recovered the artifact, The Crown of Eiceart (Gaelic for Evil) along with a block of Blue Ice and a short sword called Flayer. Kagemni placed the crown on his head and became corrupted by its power. While leaving, they were attacked by a lieutenant of Lord Sèitheach named Boisil. Kagemni, in one motion, used the crown to call down a wall of fire that filled the icy caverns and destroyed all of Boisil’s men. Boisil himself escaped with his life.