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Summary of Tuesday Sessions, part 2 [Dec. 15th, 2006|03:28 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD


Played by:
Wes (Kagemni the Malign)
Colby (Coireall Dragonsbane)
Tavia (Grainne)
Chad (Nak)
Brandon "B" (Sliver)

With guest appearances by:
Tim (Keeley the Castle)
Yohan (NPC/Cohort)
Saefro (Female Disciple Tattoo Mage Companion NPC)
Eithne (Female Disciple Bard NPC)

With the artifact in hand, the group made their way back to Nairn-on-Tay Island. On the way back, the stopped in a city called Ceann Rois. There, they discovered a plague that had been called down on the large city and were quarantines inside until the plague could be cured. They sought out a fellow Disciple named Fero per recommendation of Caitrìona only to find the small shop he operated burned to the ground and info that Fero himself had been murdered 2 days prior. After a day or so, the party also found the Temple of Sigyn, where Caitrìona was aiding the plague ridden, was unhallowed and blood was everywhere. Caitrìona was not found. They began to investigate. A curfew was placed in the city, keeping everyone indoors after dark. The inn where the group was staying was attacked by plague infested werewolves and was burned to the ground. Coireall was caught on the streets after dark and, despite his inn being burned down, was asked by the guard to stay at the city jail for the night. He ran and was captured. The rest of the group willingly stayed at the jail. Coireall, from his cell, attacked the Constable and escaped later that night. He was deemed a fugitive. Luckily, a representative to King Maoldòmhnaich (pronounced mool dow nich) of the kingom of Snowdonia named Lachlann was staying in the city and happened to also be a Disciples of Nairn. He arranged for the pardon of Coireall and the group agreed to aid the Constable in following the next attack of plague weres to their lair.
The group tracked a plague were to the catacombs under the city reserved for the governors of Ceann Rois. They ventured down there (looted everything they could find) and discovered a priest of Caillech (Goddess of disease and plague) named Beatan, who formerly worked for Sorcha’s Marauders (pronounced Sore-a-ka). Again, using the power of the Crown artifact, Kagemni aided in killing the priest along with the group. Afterwards, the discovered an alter with the near dead Caitìona. Here, they also found books from the Sage, Fero’s, shop along with a journal of a man named Feargan Vargas. Kagemni and Keeley escorted her back to the surface while the rest stayed and looted the catacombs. In the catacombs, along with assorted small valued treasures, they found a lone tomb, hidden from the rest that held a woman called Angelique Armae, who claimed to have been a Celestial in life but was turned into a vampire and imprisoned here. They did not set her free. They also discovered another hidden tomb with the corpse of the first and only king of Ceann Rois, Cuchulainn (pronounced ka-kaw-la). They encountered his spirit who granted them permission to take his sword and shield but not his soul (a greater charm). They abided and gained Cuchulainn’s Blade of Rust (long sword) and magical large steel shield. Kagemni, after hearing of this, was determined to retrieve “the soul” and came back. Therem he found himself trapped in the tomb of Cuchulainn until he rid himself of the charm. Finally, he gave it up but only after Cuchulainn convinced him of the Crown Artifact’s properties and the fact it was feasting on his soul. Kagemni had been feeling rather off lately so he removed the crown. The next night, the quarantine was lifted and everyone, except Coireall, were congratulated for lifting the plague and were offered discounts in the city. The group then, finally, headed back to Nairn. On their way back, they were yet again, attacked by Boisil. This time, the soldier of Lord Sèitheach (who they learned was named Yohan), assisted them in killing the soldiers and Boisil. Finally, they made it back to the island.
They turned over the artifact to the Disciples, much to the surprise of the Council (as they knew of Kagemni’s corruption by the artifact), and were presented a monetary reward along with their very own war room, equipped with a magically enhanced table that showed a carved image of each artifact they have obtained. At that time, the Deck of Many Things (crossed through since it was stolen), the Crown of Eiceart, and an amulet called Breitheal (obtained by the Saturday group) were carved. They were also given a wooden box that would allow them to store up to 25,000 coins from the box into their personal quarters in the castle and retrieve them from the box, as needed.
After 2 days, the journal of Feargan Vargas and the papers from the Sage Fero were deciphered and the Disciples determined that Feargan Vargas once held at least 2 artifacts and he discovered ill effects of keeping several in close proximity to each other so he sought to store them far apart. The journal didn’t say where he stored them. Only that he was traveling to an island in the Hebrides called Islay to obtain maps. This took place 65 years ago. The group, minus Caitrìona, then set out for Caledonia, a city on the east coast in the kingdom of Glaschu. On the way, the group encountered a region of land that stretched from the north most part of the continent to the south most called The Eamhhair Bog (pronounced E-ve-her) which appeared to be a marshy, swamp-like land. Eithne, who was ordered to accompany them to Caledonia, told them of the bog and that no kingdom would claim it or enforce law on it, as it was too costly and dangerous due to its inhabitants and unstable land. The only thing the United Kingdoms have agreed to is to all fund the building of a bridge to cross the bog with little trouble. While the group crossed the bog, the encountered a fairly intelligent Gnoll who was peddling charms on the bridge from a makeshift stand. They befriended him and bought/traded several charms. The Gnoll, pleased with their lack of hostility towards him, shared with them a tale of a witch in the bog who claims the bog as her own and murders people who cross the bridge out of fun. He told them that she had stolen several items from him but dared not fight him. He hired them to retrieve his lost items but they could not uphold to the deal, as they could not get far into the bog without being mesmerized by Harpys and came close to death several times. Instead, the declined the deal and moved on. Kagemni agreed to return one day and aid the Gnoll.
Upon arriving in Caledonia, the group sought passage to Islay. Nak discovered a note in his pack signed by a well known half-elf mercenary named Garbhan, asking for a meeting. Nak, alerting only Grainne to his findings, decided to meet with the man. Once in the bar the note told him to meet the man at, he gambled until he could spot the man, losing his money along with some of Coirealls but not before gambling his way to free passage on a ship called The Merry Lass, captained by a man named Dùghlas. Grainne also met a human druid by the name of Sliver here who had the mark of Nairn on his palm. The druid claimed he was sent to assist them. Nak met with Grabhan and was intercepted by Coireall so he offered Coireall a seat at the meeting. Grainne, who tried to hide and observe the meeting, was spotted by Garbhan and so joined the meeting as well in the open. Garbhan, under the employ of Lord Sèitheach, offered 100,000 gold to the group for each artifact they turned over to him along with an additional 50,000 gold for any information leading to the successful procurement of future artifacts. They discussed the matter with him for a bit before Nak agreed to the terms...but not really. After the meeting, the group sailed aboard the Merry Lass, some singing sailor songs with the crew along the way. They had to sleep in mostly cramped spaces but overall, they were treated quite well and were welcomed guests on the Merry Lass. Nak assisted with some sailing duties, while showing Grainne and Yohan some beginning skills of sailing.