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Summary of Tuesday, August 22nd Session - Lexington, KY DnD [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lexington, KY DnD

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Summary of Tuesday, August 22nd Session [Oct. 2nd, 2006|07:49 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD


Wes (Kagemni the Malign)
Colby (Coireall Dragonsbane)
Tim (Keeley the Castle)
Chad (Naka’maka’aili aka Nok)

Recovering after the intense battle with the fearsome Truinnean aboard the Harbinger, our heroes gained a brief moment of respite. They relaxed for as long as they were permitted, but the ship soon reached its destination - the mysterious island of Nairn-on-Tay. The island was a veritable rock fortress, its crags reaching straight up into the sky for thousands of feet.

Sailing towards the dark island, our heroes noticed some outcropping rocks in the murky black waters below the ship. On these rocks laid beautiful naked women with fur pelts beside them. A whale-looking man who had not been noticed on the ship until now peered out and pointed out that these were Selkies - faerie creatures able to mystically transform into seals by wearing and removing the pelts they carried.

The Harbinger hopped and swept over the rocks and debris in front of it all the way to the island. After threading its way through a very tight crevasse in the stone island walls, the ship broke through into bright skies and beauiful forests, much to the heroes' surprise. Once the Harbinger stopped and dropped anchor in the inset bay, Donnan addressed the group and sai they would need to swim from there on. The whale-man (actually a Darfellan whose name turned out to be Nak) relished in this, and jumped into the sea before Donnan had time to admit that he was only joking - and badly at that. Keeley, however, wiped some sweat from his brow, glad he hadn't been asked to attempt a brisk swim in his plate armor. Donnan indicated the boats they were to use, and the heroes boarded them, following quickly after their apparent new companion, Nok.

Reaching the beauteous shores, the heroes disembarked and were given a choice: either take the river ahead of them and the canoes supplied thereof to reach their final destination, or cut some time off their trip but increase their risk by hiking through the island's dense jungles.

Coireall saw the lush forests, so different from those he'd seen before, and immediately began the difficult hike. His usual companions (plus Nak) all followed with him, though they bade goodbye to Fein as he chose the path of least resistance.

The group, now much-diminished and consisting of Coireall in the lead, followed by Keeley, Nak, Leandro, and Kagemni, hacked their way through the jungle for the better part of the day. Coireall wasn't very happy about the hacking, or the noise it inevitably made, but there didn't seem to be anything else Keeley knew to do. As it turned out, this drew an unfortunate amount of attention from the jungle's inhabitants. From out of nowhere, Keeley found himself tackled from out of the foliage. The group assumed a defensive position, only to find themselves face-to-face with a fierce Girallon (a giant, white, mutated Gorilla). They offered their best fight, and managed to take down the beast, though they taxed themselves to the extreme in the effort. Nak, for reasons known only to him and whatever deity he worshipped, decided to drag the Garillon's corpse behind him through the jungle.

After a bit more hiking, the tired group came across an unwelcome sight: two giant tigers feasting on something's carcass in a jungle clearing. The tigers raised their heads and snarled at Coireall in warning. Backing away, Coireall decided discretion to be the better part of valor, and attempted to completely circumvent the beasts. Keeley, however, could not abide this threat to his companions, and valiantly threw himself between the tigers and Coireall. Alas, this only served to provoke them more, and they both leapt at Keeley, rending him nearly into pieces almost immediately. Falling down unconscious and bleeding, Keeley left Coireall behind him as the next obvious target, and the tigers wasted no opportunity, felling Coireall even more quickly. Kagemni, in his usual fashion, saw this as a perfect opportunity to... hide.

Nak was left staring down two bloodlusted tigers alone, as Leandro seemed to be nowhere to be found as well. Panicking, he attempted to to string up the Girallon's corpse and try to distracted them with a Girallon puppet. He, however, failed and instead, let go of the ape corpse, which proved his fortuitous saving grace. To a hungry tiger, the only thing better than a live meal is an easy meal, and so they pounced on that corpse with great glee. Now finding them distracted, the remnants of the party beat a hasty retreat. In a shocking development of solidarity, Kagemni helped drag the inert bodies of his companions away to safety. Leandro, however, did not.

However, to no one's realization, an important member of their group (if only to avoid irritating wails of misery) had been forgotten: Coireall's precious staff...

Stumbling wounded through the jungle, the wounded party happened upon another spot of apparent luck by coming upon a deserted tomb to rest inside. Believing them lost, Kagemni consulted their magic compass which always pointed towards their destination, however it offered no help at all, but rather insisted on spinning in circles. Seeing no other choice, they laid down their camp inside the tomb and attempted to tend to their wounded.

It seemed that, for the first moment since they (now regrettably) entered the jungle, the group could relax in safety. ...Or could they?