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The Legend of Tyvanos Donachie - Lexington, KY DnD [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lexington, KY DnD

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The Legend of Tyvanos Donachie [Dec. 14th, 2006|04:33 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD


For both the Tuesday and Saturday sessions, it will be important to note what the groups will learn about an individual named Tyvanos Donachie, for the threat that faces the material plane revolves around his history. So, I'll write, in the most brief way that I can, the basics on his legend. It is not necessary to read it now but both the Tuesday and the Saturday session summaries will refer back to this entry for an explaination of the legend. It may be best to read it then.

The shortest version I can type is, Tyvanos was a human male who desired peace for all. He spent his life traveling the world, studying all that he could soak up, and bringing peace to feuds that were believed to last forever. It was not known what his methods were, only that he was loved by all and was offered the crown of several kingdoms, only to turn them down and continue his mission. After near a century, Tyvanos succeeded in his dream and brought peace to Strathaven (The material plane). But, it was not enough. During his research, he discovered methods to enter into other existing planes and decided to spend his dying days working on bringing peace to those worlds as well. He gathered a handful of individuals to his cause and formed The Disciples of Nairn, Nairn being Norse for “peace”. His first planar stop was the Seven Layers of Celestia. Here, he encountered a Celestial who came bearing an offer to help him ascend to the heavens to become a demi-god where he could live forever and promote peace from there. Tyvanos, although reluctant, knew this was his only shot at continuing his dream before his death so he accepted. For 5 decades in the Seven Layers of Celestia, Tyvanos studied the Rituals of Ascension to godhood. Once accomplished, he became a demi-god appointed as high guardian of Strathaven. Maintaining peace in Strathaven was not what Tyvanos had in mind when ascending so, behind the backs of other high guardians and gods, he began working with other worlds to bring peace, even worlds designed to be chaotic and/or evil, thus designed to not be of peace. When several guardians and gods discovered what was going on, they stepped in and Tyvanos destroyed them. How is unknown. With each new world brought to peace and each guardian or god destroyed, Tyvanos grew in power. It was not what he wanted but it was needed to bring peace to the more difficult planes. Once the high gods discovered what had been happening, they stepped in. However, by that time Tyvanos had grown too greatly in power and his soul was bound to too many planes. His destructions would also mean the destruction of those planes, as well. So, instead of destroying him, the gods subdued and dismantled him, binding his soul and power into personal made artifacts. They agreed to create the artifacts themselves and hide them in secret locations throughout all the planes. Only the god who created the artifact would know of its whereabouts to avoid any other ambitious entities from seeking them.
After a century, the knowledge of this tale was imparted to the remaining Disciples of Nairn in Strathaven, save for the information regarding the artifacts. Prior to this, the Disciples had dedicated themselves to risking their lives to promote peace and the safety of Strathaven. With the knowledge imparted to them from the gods, they were appointed the guardians of the material plane with an individual chosen to be the direct link to them or The Tsion. Their purpose for existing never changed, it just grew in importance. Instead of promoting peace and safety in Strathaven, they became the guardians of Strathaven, responsible for maintaining it’s existence. The gods, more or less, abandoned it.
However, the dismantling of Tyvanos and the abandonment of the gods over Strathaven has a side effect that was not anticipated. With Tyvanos gone, Strathaven broke back into old habits. Wars, once again, were fought and kings battled kings. But worse yet, Tyvanos had tied his essence to Strathaven to keep peace existing. When he was dismantled, his essence disappeared from Strathaven. As a result, several tears from other planes he had bound himself to tore a planar hole into the material plane and threatened its very survival. The Disciples, alerted by the gods, have been charged with discovering how to mend these tears, as the destruction of Strathaven may only be the beginning. Why the gods couldn’t fix it themselves was not revealed.

And so, the tale of two role-playing groups begins.