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Overview of Tuesday, August 8th Session [Aug. 21st, 2006|06:23 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD

Played by:
Wes (Kagemni the Malign)
Chris (Leandro)
Joe (Duaidhstighféin aka Féin)
Colby (Coireall Dragonsbane)
Tim (Keeley the Castle)

This is lengthy so it gets hidden behind a cutCollapse )

As usual, if I left anything out or didn't embellish enough for you, feel free to comment. Comment with anything you want pertaining to the session really. XP awards, I have decided, will be kept confidential and I will alert each player when it is time for them to level up.
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This week gaming schedule [Aug. 8th, 2006|08:21 am]
Lexington, KY DnD


A session is scheduled for tonight, Tuesday August 8th at 7pm. This session may be cut off at 10pm instead of 11pm but that is yet to be determined. There may not be a Saturday, August 12th session for a few reasons: 1) I am having my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow so I am not sure what I'll be like come Saturday. But, rest assurred, if I can do it, I will. 2) JJ's wedding is on Saturday so that means JJ and Jesse will not be there, as planned. As long as 3 or more people can still make it (and I am ok to talk), we'll go on. So, if you can make Saturday, let me know so I can have it planned and ready. Saturday will start at 12pm, if all does to plan. See everyone coming tonight.

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Slavery [Aug. 7th, 2006|11:18 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD

In the first post, I briefly touched on slavery and the laws that govern it. Since then, I have made several revisions and elaborations regarding slavery. This post will be designed to help all players understand how slavery is in Strathaven.

The prior laws were an almost direct take from the Laws of Robotics. However, upon reexamination, I realized that slaves of this world are far from robots and so such laws would need revision. Not to mention that they severely hindered a player who wished to play as a slave. Playing a slave is, of course, suppose to make play a little more difficult, but not keep it from being enjoyable. So, here are the revised laws:

1) A slave may not engage in battle against a sentient being that would result in direct harm (lethal damage) against said sentient being, except to prevent obvious physical harm to its master. If the slave's master has suffered obvious, physical harm from another being, the slave may then, if necessary, protect its master by harming that opponent. However, a slave is not permitted to kill under any circumstances, even accidentally while protecting its master.
2) A slave must protect it's own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with Law #1 (Example, if a slave is attacked by a sentient being, especially his master, he may not protect himself by attacking. He must suffer the damage. He can, of course, run away. But, if caught in an avalanche, he should not allow himself to die)
3) A slave must obey all orders given by his master, except where such orders would conflict with Laws #1 and #2. (This keeps a slave in line but prevents the master from using his slave as a meat shield).

These are the main laws abided by on all Strathaven. There are other more minor laws that aren't voiced as often and can be overlooked, depending on the one enforcing the law in a certain part of the land. These laws tend to focus more on how wild slaves are obtained, transference of slave ownership, treatment of slaves, and the freeing of a slave. As such, the prior mentioned 3 laws focus more on the slave itself and the rest of the laws focus on the slave master. Here are the laws regarding slave ownership:

1) A slave master may not abuse his slave by any physical means. A slave master may reprimand his slaves for insubordination, disobedience, and ignorance but not excessively. The definition of excessively is physically harming a slave to the point of causing permanent damage, loss of consciousness, or drawing blood. (Example, a knock on the head or a smack or similar is legal but repetitive punching, cutting, whipping, stabbing, etc is not).
2) A slave master should do all that is necessary to provide his slaves with a physically healthy environment. Proper clothing and shelter must be provided to the slaves. Providing food and water is not necessary as the Slavery mark, applied to a slave's forehead, also serves as a mark of nourishment and keeps the slave sustained in food and water magically. If an illness befalls a slave, it must be addressed by the slave master. Neglect to have a slave treated for illness is prohibited.
3) If the slave master dies, the slave is treated as any other property and is transferred to the next of kin or to a recipient listed in a will. If neither exists, the slave is turned over to the local slave emporium.
4) To transfer a slave, the current master and the new buyer will need to visit the local slave emporium, register the transference, and the mark will be transferred by the overseer at the slave emporium.
5) Catfolk, centaurs, and gnomes are all considered enslaved by decree of the United Kingdoms. If an individual finds an unclaimed, or "wild", slave race species, he may lay his claim to that slave by capturing it as one would a wild beast and transport it to the nearest slave emporium to have their mark placed upon it. All other races may not be taken into slavery by these means. Other races may only be taken into slavery as children and must have been willingly given up by their parents, unless their parents were slaves. A non-slave father does not have claim to a slave mother's child. It becomes the property of the slave master.
6) A slave master may elect to free a being from slavery. To do so, he must place his hand upon the symbol on his slave's brow and verbally voice his command word or phrase to remove the arcane mark. He must also register with the slave emporium that he has freed his slave(s) so it no longer shows up as a slave. The only exception is with a slave race. To free a member of a slave race, the slave master must clear the reasons for freeing the slave through the slave emporium. The overseer will bring the matter before a council appointed by the kings of the United Kingdom and they will decide if the slave should be allowed to be free. If the slave master has listed his will to free his slaves, the overseer has the ability to remove the mark from the slave but still must abide by the law when dealing with a slave race.
7) Once a slave has been freed, whether it is a slave race or not, it is permanently freed. No other being may legally take it back into slavery. A freed slave is identified by a slightly discolored mark where their arcane symbol used to be. No symbol can ever be placed there again.

I think that about does it for slavery. If there are any questions or concerns, please let me know.
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Overview of Saturday, August 5th session [Aug. 7th, 2006|11:05 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD

Played by:
Jesse (Fera)
Wesley (Keth)
JJ (Furgold the Champion)
Billy (Alman Baide)
Tavia (Gràinne)
Jason (Warmpth the Cool)

IntroductionsCollapse )

The AdventureCollapse )

Meeting of FateCollapse )

Sorry for the length. Looks like these summaries are turning into full on stories...hey, what do you expect from 4 hours of a group of 6 people?
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Overview of Wednesday, Aug 2nd session [Aug. 3rd, 2006|11:46 am]
Lexington, KY DnD


Played by:
Chris (Leandro)

Wes (Kagemni the Malign)
Colby (Coireall Dragonsbane)
Joe (Duaidhstighféin aka Féin)
Tim (Keeley the Castle)

 To shorten the mini-city adventures and equipment buying, the characters all learn that the ship they are suppose to board, The Harbinger, will not be departing until tomorrow at sunrise. Leandro attempts to start a fight with the dockmaster over the ship not being ready and Coireall walks in and attempts to break up the fight which only turns Leandros attention to Coireall instead. The fight is broken up by hired hands of the dockmaster and Leandro walks off. He is approached by a singing bard from the street who introduces herself as Eithne. Some of the others, including Leandro, had noticed that she had been singing a tale in the street of a silver merchant, who in his greed and paranoia, hid his treasure in a local cave, fearing he would be robbed in town. Unfortunately, the cave is currently inhabited by a creature with the head of a man, body of a lion, and a tail of a scorpion. Eithne convinces Leandro to aid her in getting the treasure. She also approaches Keeley and Coireall and asks if they would be interested in aiding her. Keeley jumps on board quickly but Coireall is reluctant. For reasons unkown to Eithne, he joins. As they approach where Eithne had left Leandro, they find him speaking with another human male about their silver parchments and the treasure Leandro is seeking. The human introduces himself as Kagemni and is allowed to join them. Before leaving, Eithne stops at the local slave emporium to pick up her recently purchased slave. Uneasy at the thought of slaves, Keeley and Coireall remain outside to wait.

The party ventures out of the village and into the woods to the north. The night air starts to get a bit chilly, as winter is approaching. They continue to follow Eithne to a cave about 45 minutes outside of Ayrshire. Keeley adventures forth to inspect the cave and it’s inhabitants. As he near the mouth, several spikes (6) fly out and several barely scrap his armor. Keely draws his sword and prepares to attack. Coireall and Keeley charge into the cave for attack, while Leandro slinkers past to behind the beast to attack. Kagemni also attempts to quietly sneak in but is spotted and opens attack. He casts some type of shadow illumination which causes the room to be darkened by shadow, making it hard to see. The beast, now identified as a Manticore, yells out, in Gaelic, for the party to leave his home. Eithne opens up in song and the beast seems to calm and sit down. Féin, who is aware of the treasure’s location (unknown to the party), moves forward. From behind, the manticore is attacked by Leandro which breaks Eithne’s enchantment and the beats attacks Leandro, sending him unconscious and near death. Keeley calls out that he will break off attack if the manticore does not attack him and the Manticore agrees. As such, Keeley leaves the cave but not before Coireall, who is convinced that the cave is the creature’s home and that they’re invading it. Kagemni press the battle on though. It’s possible that he and Leandro don’t speak Gaelic so don’t understand that the Manticore wanted them to leave but they were translated into common by Coireall and they still continued to attack. Kagemni presses pattle on while Féin negotiates to leave, if he is allowed to retrieve his fallen comrade. The manticore reluctantly agrees. Féin moves in to secure Leandro but has the intention to also locate the treasure. Before he has a chance to really loook, Kagemni takes a final blow, which knocks the manticore unconscious. Now free to do whatever, Féin searches through a pile or sticks and rubble and finds only a tattered sack which he places inside his own sack and drags Leandro out of the cave.


Once outside the cave, it is revealed by Kagemni that he did not kill the manticore, only knocked it out. Slight deliberation is made on killing the manticore and it is decided to leave it be. They got what they came for. Speaking of which, Féin is told to remove his findings from his sack so that the treasure can be split. Only Kagemni and Leandro actually lay claim to it but they offer a share to Féin who Eithne agrees may have it. The treasure claimed was some silver coins, a broken china plate, and a wooden, laquered box with a silver hook latch. Inside the box was a deck of cards, revealed to be magical in origin. Keeley asks to see the cards but the group is informed by Kagemni that he believes these cards to be able to grant good fortune to the user but also has a good chance to grant misfortune to the user. He recommends they not be fooled with for the moment and the group agrees. They head back to Ayrshire.


As they near Ayrshire, from the sky, another large creature drops in on them. He has the hindquarters of a big goat, the forequarters of a lion, and 3 heads: 1 of a horned goat, one of a maneless lion, and one of a white dragon. At the sight of the creature, Leandro hides in the forest quietly. The beast lands in front of the group and breathes cold air onto them, dealing some damage. Immediately, all withdraw and run away, except Keeley who decides to attempt to fight it before the rest run off. Before Keeley can make the decision to run or continue to fight, a bolt of lightning strikes from the middle of the clearing and hits the beast in the chest. It falls dead. A elderly man appears in the clearing and demands the deck. Eithne comes out from her hiding place and addresses the man as Ciaran. She speaks with him as if she knows him well. After a few moments, she convinces the rest of the group that is hiding to return. Coireall had already run to far to hear the call back. He had only heard the crack of the lightning from behind. He eventually turned back. Again Ciaran demands the deck and becomes aggravated when it is not given. Kagemni states that he will hand it over if good reason can be shown as to why the man is entitled to it. Ciaran only continues to demand the deck, now referring to it as the artifact. The group begins to argue back and forth with Ciaran and finally, Eithne intervenes and convinces Ciaran to allow the group to hold onto the artifact for now and they will all meet at The Forked Road (local pub in Ayrshire) for dinner and discuss the artifacts placement. She instructs Kagemni to cease argument and just hold onto the deck. Ciaran teleports away, after agreeing, and the group sets forth to head back to Ayrshire.


Those that played, if I left anything out, let me know. Add any comments that you wish for others to know (missing details, backstory revelations, etc). I forgot to award XP due to the session running late. Be sure to remind me to do that first thing next session.

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The Team as I know it [Jul. 28th, 2006|07:52 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD

Look out Strathaven! Here comes your saviors...or possibly your destroyers. Either way, trouble is brewing.

There are still a few more people that have expressed interest in playing so, the party list may grow. But, here is what I have at this time. I'm only going to update with the basics because I'd rather leave the back story embellishment to the player, if they wish to share it. What i will give you is what I know, besides the backstory. That is, player name, character name, race, class, and a minor description. However, some people have not come up with names and various other details and some still have a few kinks I've found to work out. But, I'll give you what I know:

Alman Beude
An Aasimar (half human, half Celestial) male, Arcane Agent played by Billy. Alman Beude is Lawful Good and excels at neutralizing spells and magical creatures. He also prides himself in the removal of illness and curses. He thwarts wizards and other such arcane spell casters at every turn. His likely day for adventuring will be Saturday days but may be open for Tuesday nights.

A mildly-feral Drow (dark elf) male, Rogue played by Chris. Leandro is Chaotic Evil and loves to use his claws to envoke terror into his enemies. He enjoys using poisons to nuetralize his foes and make them suffer slow deaths. Leandro hopes to become an Assassin, one day. His day for adventuring will be Tuesday nights. No exceptions

Coireall Dragonsbane
A Human male, Coillteon (also known as a Wu-Jen) played by Colby. Coireall is Chaotic Good and loves nature and the wild. He doesn't have much love for Dragons though. His preferable day for adventuring will be Tuesday nights but may be open for Saturday days.

An Elven female monk played by Drew. Brighde is Lawful Good and loves her drink. Although Lawful, she secretly loves to do battle and fears it may one day drive her away from her monk calling. Her day for adventuring will be Tuesday nights. No exceptions.

An Elven female, Favored Soul played by Jesse. Fera is Lawful Good and focuses her energies on healing those in wounded or in illness. She was taken into clergy as a young child and remains pure to this day.

A Goliath (nearly large stone man) male, Barbarian played by JJ. Furgold is Chaotic Neutral and not much is known about him except that he likes to smash and compete. He's not very bright, wise, or tactful. His day for adventuring will be Saturday days, up to 3 times a month.

Duaidhstighféin (I believe Féin, for short)
A Catfolk male, Warlock played by Joe. Féin is Chaotic Good but fears that the evil inside him may overcome him, one day. Féin is currently a slave and has never known anything other than servitude his whole life. His preferable day for adventuring will be Tuesday nights but is ok with switching to Saturday Days, when needed.

A Whisper Gnome female, Ninja played by Tavia. Gràinne is Chaotic Neutral and enjoys the finer things in life, like stealing. She generally keeps to the shadows and hides, as she is a recently freed slave and still has not adapted to a life without servitude. Her day for adventuring will be Saturday days but really would like to try Tuesday nights and is open to switch to such as any time.

Kagemni the Malign
A Human male, Shadowcaster played by Wes. Kagemni the Malign is Neutral Evil and enjoys with toying with those he keeps company with. Although confident in his abilities, Kagemni will more often run away or hide, when faced with confrontation and strike from the shadows. His day for adventuring will be Tuesday nights. No exceptions.

Warmpth the Cool (aka Orel the Hummer)
A Human male, Bard played by Jason. Warmpth is Chaotic neutral and loves to talk, especially with the ladies. A lover, more than a fighter, Warmpth is more often found inside the local Companion House, as he is registered companion, or in the local tavern, wooing the women of the town with his dashing good looks, yet tone-deaf songs rather than aiding in battle. he also goes by the name "Orel teh Hummer" when working as a companion, named after his ability to perform in his profession while keeping a humming a steady tune. His likely day for adventuring will be Saturday days is open for Tuesday nights, as well.

Keeley the Castle
A human male, Fighter/Dragon Shaman played by Tim. Keeley is Lawful Good. Keeley enjoys doing battle and fighting for what is right. His hope is to one day come face to face with the gold dragons he worships. His day for adventuring will be Tuesday nights. No exceptions.

Coming Soon
A unknown unknown, unknown played by Jon. Nothing has been decided so far but options have included: wizard, sorcerer, druid, or mariner. Stay tuned.

That about does it for those known to be playing. It is still possible that a few others may join and they'll be updated here, once joined. Also, "no exceptions" basically means they cannot switch from Tuesday to Saturday or vica versa. They can sometimes move to a Wednesday or similar, if their day is cancelled.

The first Tuesday night session will strangely not be on a Tueday. It will be this Wednesday, August 2nd from 7pm-11pm. Those interested in coming, please let me know asap. There is a 6 player limit on this session.

The first Saturday days session is scheduled for Saturday, August 5th from 12pm-4pm. This may be delayed to 1pm-5pm, to be announced. Those interested in coming, please let me know asap. There is a 6 player limit on this session.

Just a reminder of a rule: The only way you can play on both a Saturday Day and a Tuesday night of one week is if you're playing 2 characters. Example: Furgold the Barbarian cannot play both on Saturday, August 5th and Wednesday, August 2nd but JJ may play Furgold the Barbarian on Saturday, August 5th and Fursilver the Monk on Wednesday, August 2nd, if desired.

Thanks to everyone who made the Meet and Greet. It was a huge success with a turnout of 11 players, 1 DM, and 2 lurkers, just enjoying the company. And thanks to Joe (and those that drove him) who made a McD run at 10:30 for me. You rock.
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Meet and Greet tonight! [Jul. 25th, 2006|04:05 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD

Just a reminder to all those readers and interested players out there:
The Meet and Greet is tonight at 7PM. If you need directions, contact me by comment, phone, or email. I'll be frequently checking my mail most of the day. I have been writing like mad on this campaign and I have about 120 pages written of material and adventure hooks that should help make this campiagn exciting. Also, many changes have been made from the original most that I have not updated on, due to writing out the campaign, focusing heavily on slavery and the celtic feel of the campaign. However, I will be discussing them tonight and updating the community with them, as well. After tonight, I'll also put up a brief description of the adventurers involved in this campaign and the players that play them, the NPC's met (if any), and other assorted details. If there is time to start an adventure tonight, we'll sure take advantage of it.
Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!
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Scheduled time for 1st session [Jul. 8th, 2006|11:43 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD

I think everything is ready to start. Just a date and time needs to be decided. I think, for the first session, playing will be limitted. It'll be more of a "Meet and Greet" night. A chance for everyone interested in playing to get together and meet their fellow players. This time will also be used to distribute character sheets and PDF D&D books, for those that need/want them. Plan for this session to allow time for everyone to discuss character ideas, learn about the game and the campaign, and receive help and pointers on getting everything started. If time permits, we'll run a short prologue to the campaign in order to get all characters positioned where they need to be and all equipment bought. Starting gold has yet to be determined but will be at the session. You will get at least the starting gold allotted to your particular class, plus some. So, here are the details:

Who: Everyone interested in playing the "Artifacts of Peace" campaign
What: Meet and Greet session for introductions, equipment purchase, and character design.
When: Tuesday, July 25th at 7pm
Where: My house. For those that need directions, comment with your email address, email me direct, or IM me.
What to bring: Really, nothing is needed, per se. Most everything needed will be provided. However, if you have it or wish to purchase it, it would be helpful to have dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20), 8.5x11 blank white paper, pencils, D&D books, or any of the other items mentioned in the previous post (ex: figurine, blank CD, over-head markers, snacks, etc)

If you can't make it, there may be another "Meet and Greet sceduled on the following Saturday from 1pm to 4pm but that will depend on how many interested can't make Tuesday night. If not, you can obtain a character sheet here. It's a basic sheet created in Excel. It's easy to use and quite helpful. Just click the link and go to "File" and "Save as" to save the file to your computer. You can get the information needed to build a basic character from the "Player's Handbook". If you don't have the book, you can get the basic information needed from the online SRD files here or you can download the SRD files to use offline here.

Hopefully, that is all I need to say. I'd appreciate it if you'd comment, email, IM, or call me to confirm if you plan to be there so I know how many to expect (or, god forbid, if I need to cancel it). Comment anonymously, if you don't have LJ and have no other way to contact me. Just make sure I know who you are. See those interested soon!


Here is a list of those that have said they'd be there. If you're gonna be there and not on the list, get with me so I can be sure to plan for the right number:

Billy (Clayse)
Joe (Zacronos)
Colby (AdarJapheth)
Wes (Zenmasterw)
Jason (Jasian)

Might be coming (expressed interest, personally or hearsay) but no confirms:
Chelsea (transygirl85)
Brandon (Syntaxic)
? (Tepes)

Will not be coming but will be playing anyway:
John (Zhorne)
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Basic information on the "Artifacts of Peace" campaign [Jul. 8th, 2006|10:38 pm]
Lexington, KY DnD

Welcome to the world of Strathaven! Many have been interested in the recent campaign I am building to be played in Lexington, KY for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 . So, I will use the first entry of this coummunity to, hopefully, answer any questions you may have about the campaign. The following, length, entry should contain all the basics need to be known.

The Campaign Setting OverviewCollapse )

Character creation and developmentCollapse )

MagicCollapse )

Rules and MechanicsCollapse )

Play timesCollapse )

DisclaimersCollapse )

I think that about covers all information and questions asked. If I left out anything, please comment or get in contact with me and let me know. Also, if you haven't already expressed interest in my personal LJ, the Lexington_KY LJ community, or to me personally, it's advisable to express it now. The list of those interested is growing rapidly and I won't be able to allow everyone to play (I just don't have that much free time haha). I'm looking forward to meeting/playing with you all.
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